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Welcome to my life. i'm Laura. i'm a cancer. blue eyes, brunette, 5'4". i'm probably one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. future nurse, & dog mom. i enjoy my iphone, fuzzy boots, skulls, spikes, leopard print, hello kitty, fashion, make up, camo, cowboy boots, lipstick, rock n roll,, tattoos, piercings, cars, hair dye. northern born, southern heart. i love life. and just truly want to enjoy everyday. i blog for pleasure, not to empress. Enjoy.
 *Wakes up in the middle of the night*
Me:  Please don't be 6am   *1;48am*
Me:  MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO ME!   *Shoves face back into pillow*


seeing a hot stranger in public is a blessing

seeing the same hot stranger in public again is a sign